Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lying on Your Resume

I can understand why someone would lie on their resume in desperation. It can be hard to find a job and it is extremely frustrating when a person is repeatedly turned away. However it is completely irresponsible and not exactly a smart way to get a job.

It might have been a little easier to get away with even ten years ago, before employers really started to dig into peoples' lives but like the article said, now employers really have started to figure things out.

Even small lies are inappropriate. I can understand a small mix-up on start and end dates on a job if it was a few years ago, but a resume should be updated routinely. That would prevent any date problems.

It also is completely unfair to other candidates for the job because they may be getting cheated out of a position. I'd be pretty mad if John Doe lied about having a certain degree and got the job over me when we were actually equal or I was a better candidate.

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