Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cover Letters

I think that most of the information that web site provided about cover letters was pertinent. It seems that they are saying a person should be very pushy, which I can see working in the large company world. In a small company I feel like a cover letter could be a bit more relaxed. I do agree with the idea that you cannot sit back on your hands and wait for the businesses to call you, though.

I was really not away of the idea of a cover letter at all. I went through the Co-Op process here at Clemson and have had my resume checked over a few times but they never mentioned a cover letter. That might be because there was not a formal introduction needed; the companies came to Clemson and we met in a room in Hendrix. So because of my lack of knowledge of the cover letter, I will use all the information as best as possible.

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