Sunday, February 24, 2008

Free Write

I don't have too much to randomly write about this week, so I'll just give a run down of what my weekend consisted of. Friday I went back home to Goose Creek to see my parents and sister. They were finishing up a new sun room on the back of the house and a rebuild of the back deck. It looks great. Saturday I went with my mom to Circuit City to look at TVs for the new room. We picked out a nice one and got a great deal on it. Of course we had to go through customer service to get the no interest financing which took about two hours to complete all the paper work because whoever runs the employees over there at Circuit City decided to schedule one woman to work the Customer Service desk in the middle of a Saturday. So after being at Circuit City for three hours or so, we finally got our brand new TV, Home Theater, and TV stand.

Being that I was in Goose Creek and a couple of old friends were in town, we tried to find something to do. I forgot that there isn't ever anything to do in Goose Creek so we failed at finding entertainment. I ended up going to bed early.

This morning I woke up, set up my parents' new speakers in the sun room and left to come back to Clemson. The drive was long, and boring. Overall it was a pretty lazy, uneventful weekend.

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