Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interview Reflection

Since I just got finished I figured I'd go ahead and reflect on the interview.

Personally, I find the SecondLife interview is much different than the in person interview. The questions and answers are about the same, but the timing effect is interesting. I felt like my answers were running long because it takes a minute to type. Also on timing, because you can think about what you are saying I felt like I was making Angie wait for an answer. In person I wouldn't want to make the interviewer wait so I might fumble an answer a bit trying to formulate ideas. Of course with proper preparation that really shouldn't happen, but it's possible.

I think the mock interview went well but I have to say I still prefer the in person interview. It all goes back to body language. I felt (for some reason) awkwardly stiff in the SL interview. Maybe it's because I was typing in full punctuation and I had the time pull every word I wanted to use out of my head. In my co-op interviews, one of the interviewers and I were more laid back. We kind of joked around through more of the interview. They ended up offering me a job, and I ended up taking it. It's just...well...different on SL.

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